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Jacques' Old Fashioned started in 2015 with Beard Care products. These included Beard Oil, Wax and Peach wood combs.

We soon started to make locally sourced bees+soywax candles and leather goods. When you light a Jacques' Old fashioned Candle you are setting an experience in your home, one that will be called upon for many years to come!

JOF Leather goods are hand made/cut/dyed/sown/stitched right here in Austin, Texas. Made to last. Our passion for unique handmade items quickly evolved into a lot more. South of Here is a lifestyle brand inspired by our southern roots. Whenever someone asks where we're from, we always say, "south of here". Whether it was being born in Southern California, growing up in South Texas, and South Africa, we are always, South of Here! Kamille and I are so very fortunate to have such support and want to say, "Thank You" for supporting our passions deep in the heart of Texas!

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